Wadi Drone

In Wadi Wurayah National Park our drone flies over mountains and through valleys to wirelessly download photographs taken by ground-based camera traps that automatically capture images of wildlife that passes in front of the camera’s motion sensor. The Wadi Drone serves the conservation efforts of the Emirates Wildlife Society and World Wildlife Fund both by increasing the rate at which photographic data of wildlife can be analyzed by experts, and by reducing the human risk associated with the current method of hiking to retrieve photos from remote camera traps. Wadi Drone further eliminates the need to employ an expensive helicopter to reach camera traps during the summer months when the heat makes it too dangerous to hike. Read more...


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Martin Slosarik

Martin is responsible for leading the team forward in developing an idea that coexists with real needs of Wadi Wurayah National Park. He coordinates system design, and provides financial analysis necessary to make Wadi Drone the most cost-effective solution to researchers’ needs.
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Vasily Rudchenko

Vasily is an APM wizard and electrical engineer responsible for making the drone fly reliably through the Wadis of the National Park. He is interested in making engineering system human-usable, and prefers to tackle challenges with a human-centered approach.
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Ting-Che Lin

Ting-Che is committed to perfecting the technology behind the transmission system of Wadi Drone, and has dedicated himself fully to creating the perfect blend between speed and power-efficiency in the proprietary Wadi Drone data transmission system.
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Kai-Erik Jensen

USA, Brazil
Kai is the only non-engineering major on the team, which allows him to bring indispensable criticism and fruitful creativity into the project. He coordinates communication through both film and networking to provide rangers and researchers with a safe way of gathering data.

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